Our mission is to provide safe, sustainable, and cost-effective shelter solutions to those in need around the world. We believe that everyone deserves access to secure and reliable housing, regardless of their socioeconomic status, geographic location, or personal circumstances.
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    Gaylen Corbett

    $51.25 / 14 days ago

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    Dave Rice

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    Judy Anekal

    $50.00 / 39 days ago

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    Suzanne DeCarion

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    Joel Olenik

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    Jill Lockhart

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    Stephan Berghoff

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    David Vanderveen

    $100.00 / 41 days ago

    Love how iDome is giving from their core to help people in need of shelters (not tents) in Maui who have been affected by the fire 🔥

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    Carmelit Green

    $50.00 / 43 days ago

    Having personally seen an Idome shelter. I believe this is a needed solution to provide quick shelter in a disaster situation .

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    Kristina Rizkowsky

    $51.25 / 44 days ago

    Was so happy to donate to this cause. I trust Darren and that this product d program can help people in need of disaster relief. Lots is small donations add up to big ones!

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    Nevin Marino

    $128.13 / 45 days ago

    Good work and thank you for providing a place to donate meaningfully ♥️

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    Marie Cheever

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    Katy Whitehead

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    Jared DiBenedetto

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    Cherene Scott

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    Anthony & Dorean WiseWise

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    Michael Skelly

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    Bonnie Hoffman

    $50.00 / 47 days ago

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    Leslie O’Neil

    $307.50 / 47 days ago

    So happy to learn about iDOME SHELTERS and their amazing temporary housing! Such a perfect opportunity to support those folks displaced due to the Maui fires with one of these emergency shelters! SO GRATEFUL.

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    $51.25 / 49 days ago


The iDOME Shelter is a leading provider of innovative shelter solutions for a variety of settings. We are dedicated to creating products that are comfortable, durable, and easy to use. The iDOME Shelter is made from high-quality materials and features a unique geodesic dome design that is both strong and spacious. It is also easy to set-up and take down, making it a great option for anyone looking for a versatile and convenient shelter solution.

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